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Patounis Soap Factory
Patounis Soap Factory is more than a mere manufacturing unit. It is a time portal that brings you a sense of authenticity and history, as it has been a listed monument of industrial heritage since 2008, and it is preserved with the functioning tools and equipment which are dated from 1891.
See how traditional soap is made since 1850 from locally produced olive products with unique ancestral recipes and methods -and only the basic raw material of traditional soap manufacture with no additives- and enjoy a free tour of the premises.
The factory is open to the public from midday onwards, and you can include this stop if you decide to tour Corfu town.
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Experience the hidden treasure of Corfu Island on your ‘Corfu Olive Oil Tous’ shore excursion, as you go on your private tour.
Visit the birthplace of the multi-awarded winning and first health claim Olive Oil in the world and finally indulge yourself in Corfu's historical town. If you are visiting Corfu and want to experience the stunning sights on offer, but are limited for time, this tour is perfect for you!
Visit the birthplace of the multi-awarded winning and first health claim olive oil in the world.
The Dafnis Family, producers of “The Governor”, welcomes and introduces you to an unforgettable olive oil experience.
An experience which travels you back in time, learn about Dafnis olive history.
Meet your Olive Expert at the mill, who will teach you all about olive oil and improve your skills by tasting one of the highest phenolic olive oils in the world.
The kumquat is Corfu’s signature fruit. It closely resembles orange -only much smaller and ovular- and is mainly used to make jams, jellies, drinks, and traditional desserts.
The Lazaris family specializes since 1924 in processing and bottling kumquat in liqueurs and sweets. Its tradition and heritage can be discovered in the distillery’s exhibition area, where you will find an impressive amount of old equipment, along with audiovisual material which will introduce you to all the production stages of kumquat.
Afterward, feel free to be part of a complimentary tasting -followed by a visit to the shop within the premises!
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Corfu beer
The north of the island offers you fascinating landscapes, historical landmarks, and the chance to visit a unique microbrewery!
Right outside Arillas, Corfu Beer is not just the top local provider of ales and IPAs but also a great chance to learn more about the world of brewing through a free guided tour -and while you’re learning, you are invited to sample the beer and non-alcoholic ginger ales!
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